Cohort 1: Application info for fall 2021 here, due 1 October 2021.

Cohort 2 will be first-year grad students, with applications in spring 2022.

Cohort 3 will be grad students joining UC Merced in fall 2022. Prospective students interested in CONDESA are invited to contact relevant CONDESA faculty to discuss opportunities.

  • Fellowships in the 2nd year (only US citizens, nationals, or permanent residents eligible).
  • Competitive Edge Summer Bridge Program
  • Rotation in two CONDESA-affiliated labs
  • Science and Engineering of Environmental Signatures (SEES) summer bootcamp
  • Two required CONDESA elective courses: PHYS/ME/ES/CCB 233: Nano Fabrication for Interdisciplinary Materials Sciences; PHYS/ME/ES/CCB 292: Nano-Sensing for Environmental Applications (under development)
  • Nano-Engineered Environmental Monitoring (NEEM) graduate emphasis (under development)
  • Two CONDESA faculty on the thesis committee
  • National lab summer research internships
  • Team science training and practicum
  • Funding available for travel and research materials and supplies
  • Peer advising
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