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SEES Incubator 2024

The 2nd Science and Engineering of Environmental Signatures (SEES) incubator seeks to train a new generation of nano-engineers by offering effective training of STEM graduate students in high priority interdisciplinary or convergent research areas, including molecular biology, physics, chemistry, environmental science, and sustainable systems.

Incubator purpose:
The main goal of the SEES incubator is to allow participants from diverse graduate programs to engage in a series of workshops and seminars that will encourages the fusion of ideas, methodologies, and technologies from different domains, resulting in innovative solutions that wouldn't be attainable within the confines of a single discipline. This convergent approach will foster collaboration, encourage creative problem-solving, and allow the participants to be able to learn new scientific language that will let them transcend traditional boundaries when seeking their future career.

Program Details:
The incubator begins on Jan 8th, 2024

Dates Description Participant Requirement
January 8th - January 12th, 2024 "Kick-off" with a 5 day program of lectures, workshops and social events. Mandatory
February 2024 - April 2024 Once a month group meeting with CONDESA faculty Mandatory
February 2024 - April 2024 Talks by external speakers invited as part of graduate programs' seminar series Required: attendance at two talks
May 2024 Trip to Lawrence Livermore National Lab Optional 
July 2024 2-day research symposium at UC Merced Optional


Application and funding:
All participants will receive travel funds between $500 - $1000, with only exceptions being funded CONDESA fellows and prior SEES participants.
Please use the QR code or this link for completing your application. We are open to ALL PhD students, including international ones!

Applications close November 20th, 2023. Selected participants will be notified by November 31st 2023 to allow adequate time for winter plans. Any questions? Email Zulema Avalos at